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Ausweitung des TALC Projekts nach Südafrika

TALC project extended to South Africa

TALC starts a new project branch in South Africa

Representing the Leibniz Lab for Relational Communication Research Prof. Ostermann came to visit Pretoria (South Africa) for the first time. Due to a Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Pretoria and Leibniz University of Hanover a new branch of the interdisciplinary TALC research project - including speech pathologists, information technologists, and (computer) linguists from Germany and South Africa – has recently been initiated by the Leibniz Lab of Relational Communication Research.  The purpose of Prof. Ostermann‘s visit was now to meet project partners related to this joint research project called “Digital Change in Researching Multilingualism using TALC® – a tool for analysing language and communication”.

Accompanied by Dr. Dana Marks (IfS/Leibniz Lab, currently located at UP for a research stay related to the TALC® project), he and speech pathologists from the Centre of Augmentative and Alternative Communication as well as colleagues from the department of African Languages (UP), the department of Information Science (UP), Sennheiser Electronics SA and the Meraka Institute (CSIR)  have exchanged knowledge and expertise associated to the TALC® project. In several individual meetings, ideas have been collaboratively generated how to further establish the initiated joint research activities that will be mutually beneficial for the Leibniz University of Hanover and for the University of Pretoria.

We are looking forward to the next steps!

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